The six members of the Library Board of Directors are elected by the voters in Birmingham. Each term lasts four years. The terms are staggered so that three positions are elected every two years in the November election.

Among other roles, Library Board members are responsible for controlling the expenditures of all funds credited to the Library, adopting an annual budget for the Library, appointing a library director and setting policies regarding the use of the Library. The Board also has the responsibility to see that adequate funding is provided and to adopt short-and long-range plans for the Library's future growth and development. If you would like access to these titles in a more accessible format please contact us.

Proposed Adult Services Renovation Plan

The Baldwin Public Library Board of Directors and staff have been working with architects at Luckenbach|Ziegelman|Gardner to create a proposal to update the Adult Services area at the Library. 

Examine the proposed plan and budget or watch the presentation at the Library's September 21 Board Meeting here.

Meeting Dates

Monthly meetings of the Baldwin Public Library Board, open to the public, are generally held on the third Monday of every month at 7:30 pm in the Tribute and Donor Rooms of the Library.

2015 Meeting Dates


2016 Meeting Dates

  • January 20
  • February 15
  • March 21
  • April 18
  • May 16
  • June 20
  • July 18
  • August 15
  • September 19
  • October 17
  • November 21
  • December 19

All meetings will be recorded and broadcast on Birmingham Municipal Channel 15 (Comcast) or Channel 99 (AT&T). View the current Bloomfield Community Television schedule. Bloomfield Community Television reserves the right to reschedule programs if necessary.

Board Members

Board membersFront from left: Sheila Brice, Andrew Harris, James W. Suhay. Back from left: David Underdown, Frank Pisano, Bob Tera

David Underdown
Term expires: 2015

Vice President
Sheila Brice
Term expires: 2017

Frank Pisano
Term expires: 2017

Board Member
Andrew Harris
Term expires: 2017

Board Member
James W. Suhay
Term expires: 2015

Board Member
Bob Tera
Term expires: 2015