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Proposed Renovation - Lobby
Conceptual drawing of the lobby to the proposed building.

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Baldwin’s new strategic plan, adopted in 2010, called for the development of a comprehensive master plan for the building. After Baldwin had presented the results of its initial work, the City Commission and Library Board established a Joint Library Building Committee (JLBC). After a year’s worth of research, the JLBC issued a Building Program, detailing the Library’s space needs.

In March 2013 the Commission accepted the Building Program and authorized the issuance of a request for proposal for architectural services. After the Commission had approved the appointment of Quinn Evans Architects (QEA), the firm worked with the JLBC to develop conceptual plans and cost estimates. In late 2013 QEA presented its plans to the Historic District Commission, Planning Board, Library Board and City Commission. On November 25, 2013, the Commission accepted the schematic designs and directed City staff to prepare ballot language for a possible bond proposal.

For answers to the most common questions about the proposed renovation, please see our Library Building Project Fact Sheet. A shorter, one page version of the fact sheet can be found here

The bond measure which appeared on the May 6, 2014 ballot was defeated.  There are currently no plans to put forth another bond measure.


Library Tours

Library Director Doug Koschik will give tours of the Library to any interested member of the public.  These tours will point out features of the current building and show how the proposed new building would be laid out. Dates and times of each tour are listed to the right. Each tour will begin at the circulation desk.

Upcoming Meetings


A meeting of the Library Board will take place on Monday, May 19 at 7:30pm in the Rotary Room of the Library.  Click here for the notice.

Joint Library Building Committee Core Documents

Core JLBC Documents

Schedule of Debt Service and Millage Requirements for $21,500,000 Bond.

Joint Library Building Committee Supplementary Documents

JLBC Supplementary Documents

Press Coverage

Press Coverage

JLBC Minutes

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