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100-K: 100 Pictures Books to Know 


Collections at the Libary

Fiction: Baldwin has all the best and latest in fiction, including fantasy, science fiction, and mysteries. 

Picture Books: Whether you're looking for Caldecott winners or popular characters, we have them. 

Board Books: We have a large selection of board books for the youngest readers. 

Beginning to Read: We have books for all beginning readers, arranged by reading level. 

Concept Books: Concept Books are A-B-C and 1-2-3 books. 

Discovery Books: Discovery Books are non-fiction books for pre-schoolers. 

Illustrated Shorts: Picture books that feature longer text or more mature topics are in our Illustrated Shorts section. 

Graphic Novels: From Spider-Man to Manga, the superhero marks the spot in the 740s. 

Story Collection: If you like collections of short stories, then the Story Collection is for you! 

World Language: We've got books in many languages as well as dictionaries and other language-learning materials. 

Fairy Tales: In this section you'll find our "Fairy Tale" section, where we've collected various picture books of the most popular fairy tales. 

Holiday Collection: Our holiday collection includes many holidays, from Purim to Groundhog Day and Christmas to Kwanzaa. 

Teacher Resources: We have a collection especially for teachers that includes books of ideas for everything from curriculum to bulletin boards. 

Reference: From the latest set of World Book to current atlases and classic dictionaries, the reference collection is full of useful information.


More than Books

Audio Books: Books on CD

CDs: Everything from lullabies to tween pop

CD ROMs: Computer games for fun and learning

eBooks: A variety of electronic books to download

eAudiobooks: Download an audiobook to your iPod

Feature Films: Great family night movies

Non-Feature Films: TV shows and nonfiction movies

Magazines: Education and entertainment for children, parents, and teachers

Media Kits and Leap Kits: Books with CDs or LeapPad kits

Playaways: A portable audiobook player

Puppets and Toys: To take home or play with in the library

TumbleBooks: Online books to read at home:

Video Games: Wii, XBox 360, Playstation, Nintendo DS, all E-Rated games