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In 1960, the Baldwin Library was first expanded to add a new Youth Room. The Library sent an S.O.S. to the community to ask for help storing materials from its collection during the renovation project. Called Save Our Stories, the S.O.S. program asked citizens to check out as many books as possible and return them when the project had finished. The public responded enthusiastically, saving the Library thousands of dollars in moving costs.

Fifty-nine years later, history will repeat itself during the Baldwin Library’s Youth Services expansion and renovation, which begins in late August and is expected to last ten months. In anticipation of storing nearly 35,000 items off site during construction, Library staff are encouraging patrons to check out items on a long term basis as a way to help store these materials.

From July 29 to August 10, patrons are invited to check out items that will otherwise go into storage, including Adult Biographies and Youth books, CDs, story kits, and DVDs. All items will be due June 1, 2020.

First inspired by a picture of the S.O.S. project from 1960, Library Director Doug Koschik implemented long term checkouts during the 2017 Adult Services renovation. “We have a rich and extensive collection and we would love to see the items being used and enjoyed by our patrons rather than sitting in a warehouse. During our Adult Services project, patrons checked out over 3,000 items to store and enjoy at home, which we considered a great success.”

Baldwin will provide a temporary Youth space with high-demand items available throughout the construction project. Librarians will also continue to purchase new items and fulfill requests for items from interlibrary loan. The Library is expected to remain open for normal hours during the entirety of the project. Ongoing information about the project can be found online at www.baldwinlib.org/renovation.

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