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Library Board Trustee Bob Tera announced his resignation from the Library Board on January 20.

On January 25, the Library Board sent out a press release announcing Mr. Tera’s resignation and opened up a search for a new Board member. Applications were due February 10. Seven candidates applied for the opening and interviews were scheduled for February 15 and 17 during two Special Library Board meetings. On February 16, one candidate withdrew their application.

To learn more about each candidate, please read their application materials and watch their interviews with the Library Board.

Each candidate was emailed the following questions on February 12 and was asked to answer the questions during their interviews:

  1. The Library Board meets once a month at 7:30pm, generally the third Monday of the month, except in January when the Board meets on the Wednesday after the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday. Board members are expected to serve on 2 committees that meet monthly, generally late afternoon or early evening. Would you be able to make those commitments?          
  2. What role do you take on or skill sets do you typically use when working in a group? The board is fortunate to have a diverse mix of personalities, strengths, and interests. Which of the following roles on the Board would be a best fit for you: ambassador/advocate, steward to ensure adequate funding, reviewer of policies, evaluator of director, or another role?
  3. Tell us about your relationship with the library over the last two years, including how often you have used library services, such as checking out materials, attending programs, or using the online catalog or website.
  4. Do you have new ideas to improve Baldwin’s programs and services to enrich our offerings and better connect to our service area?
  5. What is a public library’s role in promoting racial equity and inclusion in the community?
  6. How do you engage with social media and how would you use social media to communicate with the public on important library matters?         
  7. Would you be willing to collect the required signatures and campaign in 2021 to run for the remaining two years of a four-year term that would conclude in November 2023? 
  8. Is there anything else you want us to know about you?


The Library Board will vote to select the next member of the Library Board at a Special Meeting on Tuesday, February 23 at 6:30 p.m. The Library Board welcomes your feedback on each of the candidates.

2021 Library Board Candidate Interviews: Part 1 from Baldwin Public Library on Vimeo.

This first video features candidate interviews from:
Danielle Rumple at 7:33
Alexandra Harris at 29:30

2021 Library Board Candidate Interviews: Part 2 from Baldwin Public Library on Vimeo.

This second set of interviews features candidate interviews from:
Michael Kern at 7:35
Karen Rock at 32:43
Elizabeth Brock 1:04:09
Andrew Landau 1:35:47

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